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Farm Slideshow

This is a demo slideshow of the photos in your photo gallery. You can easily create slideshows out of your photos with 27 different slide transition effects.
Fish HarvestAlyssa likes to help out at the markets when she can.Sharing what we do at the Innovative Farmers of Ohio Conference.It's fish harvest time!One of the full size perch.Here's the newest member of the farm. Just call him Hamburger.Yep, we're at the market even when it rains!Greenhouse #2 loaded ont he trailer and ready to head to the farm! I see lots of work inour future.The display we helped the students build for the Ohio State Fair.We partnered with the George Washington Carver Food Research Insitiute to teach these students about aquaponics.Doug enjoyed teaching the students how to build a system. They loved the power tools!Our new t-shirts. What do you think?Katelyn liked helping out at the New Albany Winter Market when she was home for a visit from Dallas.Lettuce Club members enjoy salad night!Swiss ChardCostal Star RomaineRed OakleafGreen Salad BowlRouge d' Hiver (Red Romaine)ButterheadLots growing in the greenhouse!The FarmButterheadSwiss ChardGrowing RomaineBok ChoiJuly 2011-Fresh Harvest Farm is born! It all begins with the first arch-a new way to grow produce is on it's way!The greenhouse at dusk with the fog rolling in. The sun really heats up the inside during the day, but when it goes down and the temperature begins to drop, the fog forms.Happy lettuce roots dangling in the nitrate rich water.Finally able to transfer our first batch of seedlings into the grow trough. Took longer than expected, but they look good!Our first seedling sprouts!Hard to see, but here are the perch fingerlings swimming happliy in their new home.FISH DAY! 2000 Lake Perch fingelings arrive, finally.Water is in the system!Growing troughs ready for water.Growing troughs under construction. These will hold circulating water that have floating rafts that hold the growing produce plants.August 2011-Plastic is on, end wall is built. Ready to begin building the aqauponic system inside.2 weeks later-the frame is complete. Now just need plastic covering, build the growing system, install a hugh fish tank and we'll be in businees!July 2011-Fresh Harvest Farm is born! It all begins with the first arch-a new way to grow produce is on it's way!